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I designed a period tracker app for people to track and log their menstrual cycle. I am aware of the skepticism of the Roe v Wade controversy and how women are afraid that their private information will get leaked. With this app, it is not the case. This app is designed to locally store information only on your device and there is no cloud storage! There is no need to connect to your email whatsoever and you can even be anonymous! Users are able to log and track their period, symptoms, and how they are feeling each day to look back at. There is also a community hub where other women can connect and talk about their experiences. If you choose to stop using the app, the user is able to delete all of their data and go back to the start where you create your name. Or, you are able to transfer your data or input your data from another device! This app was very thought through to ensure women's privacy and safety of their own personal well-being.


390px width x 844px height


Adobe Illustrator, Figma

Type of Project

Mobile Design

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