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"Verily I say unto you..."

Designed for an elite professional Christian audience, I place my research on the socioeconomic realities of US American Christian groups over my digital painting of stained glass, an iconic medium of Christian sacred art. Each subheader is handwritten in a Blackletter style. I then vandalized the stained glass with subconscious stylized representations of sacred figures, human body parts, celestial beings, and abstract scribbles. I often see these guerilla art pieces while I commute to school through the city, a reminder of the human touch on designated sacred spaces. While the most wealthy religious have pristine church architecture, it can always be 'ruined' by street art and broken glass. I use this provocative imagery to call attention to poverty within US Christian groups—namely Black Conservative Protestants, Hispanic Catholics, and white working class evangelicals. The bottom text of the poster is my call to action.




Photoshop, InDesign

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