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Julia Lugos

Hi there! My name is Julia and graphic design is my passion :) To me, design is about much more than just arranging text and images together--it is an outlet for communication, education, and self expression. Much of my design work is educational, with the purpose of teaching others about nuanced topics in an easy-to-understand way. I am an incredibly detail-oriented person and a lot of thought and effort goes into every step of my design process, from conceptualization to final product.

Favorite color?

This is a loaded question. In general, I love any shade of green. If I had to choose just one color though, my favorite would be a good burnt orange (#a54300).

What are you most Inspired by?

So many things! The sun shining through my window every morning, people dancing, shadow art, honeybees, people-watching, citrus fruit, the list goes on!

What are you currently listening to?

I love anything with a jazzy vibe and punchy lyrics. My current favorite artists are Laufey, Eloise, Laura Elliot, and Couch.

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